Natural Acne Solutions

Natural acne solutions are what people suffering from acne resort to after they seem to have tried a dozens of prescribed and OTC anti-acne products that promise to end skin problems, and none of them have worked. This is because they feel that:

  1. active ingredients present in commercial and OTC anti-acne products only worsened their skin condition.
  2. natural acne solutions are safer on the skin and has relatively less side effects
  3. natural acne solutions are cheaper because you can usually find them in your kitchen or your local grocery store

But do they actually work?

The downside of  natural, often homemade, acne solutions is that they are not fast-acting. These types of acne cure are usually herbal--derived from herbs, fruits, vegetables and other plants. Most of them work but they are less potent because the anti-acne ingredients present in them are less concentrated and are normally occurring in forms that cannot be readily used by the skin. So to truly see the effect of a natural acne solution, you must use it regularly over a long period of time.

But the good thing about natural acne solutions is they become a routine because you need to keep doing them for extended periods. And since they become part of your system, sort of like a habit, there's a greater chance that acne will stay away for good, and all you'll be left with is beautiful, clear skin.

Another advantage is you're surely not stuffing your skin with loads of chemicals that just kill bacteria, but natural nutrients that can also improve the quality of your skin. Natural acne solutions is said to give your skin a glow that chemical compounds cannot give.

But you have to keep in mind also that by being natural, it doesn't mean that it won't have any bad effects on your skin. Some people are just allergic to some components, even if they turn out to be natural. So when you're trying a natural anti-acne product, check for allergies and adverse reactions on your skin. These are usually in the form of skin irritation that causes redness, itchiness, small to large bumps, rashes, burnt or stinging sensation. Bottomline, natural acne solutions are not 100% safe, but more often than not, they are gentler and milder than most commercial, medicated and OTC acne solutions out there. And sometimes, they are even more effective.

So if you're in for a more lasting, skin-friendlier acne treatment, here are some of the most widely used and often recommend natural acne solutions: