Natural Acne Solutions: Lemon

Lemon is another old and effective acne cure that's been passed on from generations to generations. Lemon juice extract contains citric acid which is good in exfoliating the skin, by removing dead skin cells and allowing new cells to grow. Applying it directly on the skin leaves you with a clean and fresh feeling as it is said to flush out dirt from the pores.

To use it topically, just wet a cottonball with a freshly squeezed lemon juice and dab it on your pimples. It might sting especially if the pimple is scarred. You can dilute it with water if pure lemon juice is too strong or stingy. Leave it on for a few minutes or even overnight, then rinse.

You can also squeeze lemon juice in water and use this as a rinse after cleansing your face. A glass of fresh lemon juice daily is not only a cool refreshing drink but also a great detoxifier. It cleanses the liver of toxins, allowing to effectively process vitamins and minerals that our body needs.