Homemade Acne Solutions

Homemade acne solutions are anti-acne treatments that are usually concocted at home. Their ingredients can be readily found in grocery stores and other health shops, or are already present in every kitchen. Most recipes for homemade acne solutions are handed down from generations to generations (with a few adjustments), which make them more appealing because they've already been tried and tested by our elders (mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and so on). But some "blends" are new and are personal concoctions of acne sufferers who did a few experiments in their own kitchens and found something that worked.

Are homemade acne solutions safe?

Generally, they are because the ingredients used in making them are often natural products. However, some people are allergic or can develop allergies from these natural products. One such example is the use of essential oils. Essential oils in their purest forms are highly concentrated and may be too harsh for the skin. So their use must be regulated and their dosage must not exceed the allowable amount that can be applied on the skin.

There are also those who use unnatural products and even certain pills or tablets with active ingredients when whipping up their own homemade acne solutions. This can be dangerous because certain products are only meant to be taken internally and not to be applied topically. Aside from that, active ingredients found in these products may cause extreme damage to the skin when used incorrectly.

So exercise caution when making your own homemade acne solutions or when trying other people's recipes and make sure that none of the ingredients can cause harmful effects on your skin.

Homemade Acne Solutions Recipes: